Better than a smoke detector

A smart device for your health and safety

Introducing the Birdi: Smart Air Monitor. We monitor the air quality of your home, tracking dust, soot and other health dangers plus warn you about emergencies like fire and carbon monoxide. Stay connected and protected in your home. Birdi (formerly Canary) is an elegant device for your ceiling that sends you the information you need, right to our app, exactly when you need it.

  • Air Quality

    Sensing Pollution Levels

    Birdi helps you track the health of your home. Whether it's dust, VOCs, temperature & humidity or how stale the air is. Even external dangers such as pollution, pollen and particulates, Birdi is there to help you breathe a little easier.

  • Fire

    Never Another False Alarm

    Silence your smoke alarm straight from your phone. Instead of trying to climb on a chair to touch the ceiling, or waving a dishtowel frantically, the power is in your hands. And in a real fire, it makes sure you get the help that you need.

  • CO Fumes

    Exposure Trends

    Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer, and can be harmful even below alarm levels. Not only do we alert you, loved ones and emergency services in an emergency, we also show trends to minimize dangers to those most at risk: children and the elderly.


For your health and safety


For your health and safety

A new kind of detector

Better than a smoke detector

Replace your typical smoke alarm with a Birdi that not only looks beautiful on your wall but also connects you to the information you need to know. Whether it's the air quality you're breathing or alerts about a fire or exposure to dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide, Birdi tells you the information you need, exactly when you need it. False alarm? Birdi is the only device that you can silence right from your phone. No more waving frantically or using a broomstick.

Gratifying Alerts

Your smartphone manages the device

Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night because your smoke detector was chirping about the battery? Birdi is smarter than that. We send you alerts right when you need them. Is the air thick with pollen or pollution? Is there a fire at home? Is someone smoking? Everyone who needs to know will find out right when it matters most. And if the battery is low, we’ll send you a new one a few months in advance, never reminding you at 2am.

Available soon on: iPhone & Android

The new neighborhood watch

Open Data In. Open Data Out.

If your neighbor’s house is in trouble, you probably need to know. Birdi let’s everyone on the block know if there’s an emergency. Have an Airbnb guest? It’s probably best that they’re kept in the loop. Let’s not forget about grandma either. It’ll call her on her landline, and send you a notification that something is wrong. And if there’s a natural disaster on its way like a tornado, flood, or earthquake, your Birdi will signal you. It’s not just about fire anymore.

Grandma Friendly

Works even on landline phones

The world is a diverse place. We need to make sure that the system works on any device and in a lot of languages. In case the alarm goes off, Birdi will call you with details about the alert and patch you through to the authorities if it's an emergency. Our hardware integrates directly with Twilio for immediate and reliability communication, directly from your home to your phone.

Better Health

Using data to make us healthier

Indoor air quality is 2-8x worse than outdoor. What's the pollution like in your home right now? Most of us have no idea. Yet we’re seeing asthma rates continue to rise and bad air is now determined to be a leading cause of cancer. Birdi is the only device that both tracks emergencies and gives you tips about how to improve the air for your family and friends. We’re opening that data to developers and scientists with an API so that the brightest people from around the world can help us all take action and improve the air all around us.

Community Supported

Successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo

As in the early days when we were still Canary , we're still developing our technology through better design, rapid prototyping, and robust interaction with lead users, like you. We're thankful to our community for making our Indiegogo campaign a successful one.



We created Birdi


We created Birdi

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