A smoke alarm should be heard, not seen. Birdi is the first company to introduce design and intelligence to the long-neglected smoke alarm. By using simple shapes and gentle contours, Birdi easily integrates into any home by amplifying the style around it. Elegance, meet the ceiling.

Meticulously Crafted

Architecture that inspires us uses natural elements. We’ve designed Birdi to look and feel more like a ceramic than plastic to more easily blend into the natural environment of your life. Our offices are near Heath Ceramics in San Francisco, a constant source of inspiration for the craft.

Friendly and Intuitive

Other home devices pester. The result is burying the device in the closet or removing batteries, which can be dangerous. We gently indicate if we’ve detected an issue by communicating through your phone. A pulse of our LED ring will emphasize whether it’s just a warning or a real emergency.


The subtlety of Birdi is what makes our designs stand out. Smooth contours, a soft finish, and a gentle hue of white ensure a beautiful look from the baby’s room to the foyer.

Fits On Every Wall

Either hardwired or battery-operated, ours is the first smoke alarm that can be either.

With the Birdi USB Electrical Adapter/Power Converter, the Birdi Smart Alarm can connect to any home electrical system, whether 230V or 120V with a 10-year battery-backup.  It can also be battery-operated, functioning on 3 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries.


We don’t just monitor the air, we aim to improve it. Many of the substances that are used in manufacturing electronics can be harmful to people and the planet. At every stage of our product, we analyze materials & processes in order to minimize our environmental footprint by choosing cleaner, safer ones. For instance, we’re proud that our packaging materials are 100% recyclable and also use recycled materials in the paper pulp and plastics. Our suppliers are also held accountable, with periodic factory audits that ensure the highest international standards for both our workers and our customers.


Found in copper alloys used to make connectors and springs.



The radioactive component found in most smoke alarms for ionization smoke detection.



Toxic compounds added to plastic enclosures, circuit boards, and connectors.